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Green Tea Mint Mud Mask - 10oz

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    • HEALTHY GLOWING SKIN: Green Tea contains plant-based compounds with antioxidant properties that attack free radicals.
    • SMOOTH SUPPLE SKIN: Great purifying mask for all skin types, especially for oily, combination, and acne-prone skin.
    • INTENSE HYDRATION: Crafted with beneficial ingredients to hydrate and nourish the skin.
    • FLAWLESS FACE: Helps minimize the appearance of pores by drawing out excess oils and impurities.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews

    Nice mask. Face has a glow after that,softer and healthy looking skin. Great package and bargain for the money paid.Recommended

    My friend loves it!

    I got it as a gift for my friend and she said she loves it!

    Great product

    Makes my skin feel very soft, smells great. Works great for my sensitive skin

    Andrea George
    First time mask user

    Full disclosure: this is the first mask I’ve ever tried, of any kind. Never been to a spa, etc. It was easy to put on and smelled nice. It was also easy to take off and left my face feeling VERY clean. I’m glad I bought it! Made for a nice treat in the day.

    Janette Payne
    Smoother skin

    I haven't used a mask treatment in awhile because my skin has been so sensitive and broken out. This mask helped clear up the blemishes first, and also did a great job smoothing over spots and scars left over from breakouts

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