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Reeds and Flowers Diffuser - Set of 2 Diffusers

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  • We love this because AGRARIA diffusers fill your home with a welcoming scent for an extended length of time.
  • LUXURIOUS and BEAUTIFULLY PACKAGED: Add this gorgeous piece to your home or as a gift
  • LONG LASTING: Unlike many fragrances with a high alcohol content that evaporates faster, Agraria AirEssence diffusers are made with high-quality perfume-grade oil fragrances that last 12 months or longer and PetiteEssence diffuses fragrance 6 months or longer
  • BOTANICAL and NATURAL: Utilizing only premium perfume-grade natural and essential oils containing no phthalates or alcohol, you can enjoy the beautiful aroma that will fill your room
  • FINE CRAFTSMANSHIP: AirEssence diffuses through sola flowers, carefully made one at a time by skilled artisans using the dried peel of the sola plant that is sewn onto a cotton wick
  • PERFECT GIFT: With the delicately packed box, it's an exquisite luxury home decor gift for a birthday, anniversary, housewarming, Christmas, Mothers Day, or any other special occasion
  • SIZE: PetiteEssence AirEssence Diffuser Duo 1.7 oz 7.4oz 7.4oz & 1.7oz (two total) Longevity 6+ months 12+ months 18+ months combined

    Enjoy their long-lasting all-natural fragrance made with the highest quality natural and essential oils, not a chemical reproduction, and do not contain phthalates or alcohol. Vegan and cruelty-free: Agraria is committed to using ingredients that are not animal-derived and never tested on animals. Each of the diffuser flowers is skillfully sewn by hand, one at a time, with the dried peel of the sola plant. As oil is drawn up the cotton wick, the bloom transforms with fragrance and color. You will LOVE this!


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