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Essential Oils Set - 14 Pack

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    • Set Includes The Following Scents: Lavender, frankincense, eucalyptus, breathe blend, cedarwood, sweet orange, rosemary, good sleep blend, tea tree, stress relief blends, lemon, peppermint, robbers, and muscle relief blend.
    • Huge 14 Bottle Set: Packed in beautiful high-quality 5ml colored glass bottles.
    • Safety: Our essential oils are routinely tested for purity and other unique qualities in order to ensure you are buying the purest oil available.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    High Quality Affordable Esssntial Oils

    I love my essential oil diffuser and rather than pay a lot for one bottle this package contains a sample of 14 different essential oils that appear to be of high quality.Actually I like the variety and mixing them is interesting as well.We all have our favorite oils but this variety suits well to combine with others without spending a fortune.

    Very nice and great quality

    I really love these. They are the smaller size, but equivalent to the larger size, because the scent goes a long ways. They are also very clean. It’s hard to describe, but I just started getting into essential oils and there’s something so much more clean and refreshing about these oils compared to many others I have tried. There is a very nice mix of scents too! It took awhile to find the line I was going to stick with and it will definitely be this one.

    Good quality oils for a reasonable price..

    Love, love, love this pack of essential oils. The breath helps unclog my little noses in the house. I personally love the tea tree and robbers oil. My kids have eczema so I make my own lotions that works perfectly for their skin. I use lavender and frankincense in addition to other ingredients in my homemade lotion. It's not watered down. The package came in intact and not damaged. I love this starter pack from Artizen because you get to pick out favorites for a later order. My house smells good. Plus the kids sleep with a humidifier so a little drop of lavender helps them sleep better and longer... makes mama happy

    michelle l
    Artizen Oils Are The Way to Go!! They Rock!

    There are SO MANY good things to say about these oils. First off, they are, by far, the purest oils I've ever had, and I've been using aromatherapy for years. The smells are gorgeous, and they all serve their uses fabulously and so quickly. I had a headache a few moments ago - pretty bad one, really, and I put Robbers Oil on my Temple and LITERALLY WITHIN SECONDS my headache disappeared. You absolutely cannot beat the cost - I would ( and will) buy them over and over again, and not only do they work excellently, but I was so pleasantly surprised at how big the bottles are. They are at least 2-3 times the size 9f the teeny tiny bottles most oils for that price come in. In fact, they work so well that I would pay 15$ for ONE of these oils - honestly!! This is my first purchase from the Artizen company and I will undoubtedly order more from them, as they leave me utterly overjoyed with my purchase and the quality/ price of their products.

    Love it!!!

    Exactly as pictured! The packaging is great and each bottle is individually sealed and wrapped. When I lost my sense of smell, I was very saddened. I've read that to relearn smells, use essential oils to gain it back. The scent is definitely strong as I can smell it. My husband smelled it with the cap closed and he can smell it right away. Definitely a great buy! Many varieties to pick from!

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