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Jade Face Roller - Light Pink

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    • Authentic Natural Jade Roller - The rose quartz face roller is made of 100% Original & Premium quality jade stone.
    • Natural, Handcrafted Jade - Made from genuine semi-precious stone, each set is unique and differs in color and texture. Perched on stainless steel joints, this jade roller is free of any chemicals or irritants.
    • Restore Your Youth - Depuff and smooth wrinkles naturally while boosting the absorption of your skincare.
    • Relax Facial Muscles - Roll away stress while also enhancing lymphatic drainage.
    • Beauty From Within - Regular usage increases circulation, oxygen, and nutrients in your skin, resulting in a healthy natural glow.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    LOVE IT. Looks exactly like the picture + nice quality

    Looks exactly like the picture. Hard to find jade/quartz rollers that are good quality, many pictures are photoshopped or a better product than the one being sold. I ordered this quartz roller because aa jade roller that came with my Fabfitfun box ended up being total junk. This new one is beautifully polished (the FFF one I replaced wasn't...), the pink quartz is translucent (FFF one was obviously green soapstone...) and the gold metal is beautiful (the FFF one was lopsided and rusty in spots). Also, it comes in a pretty magnetic closure box with a very helpful how-to chart on the inside of the lid. I am totally buying the jade version, so happy with this.

    Ro R

    I’ve had two other jade rollers that both cost about $15 for just the roller - and they were both garbage compared to this one. The jade rolled unevenly, the metal parts kept falling apart. I was fine with it because well, they’re cheap. I lost my last one and went to order a new roller, and this one was a set for the same price of just a roller, so I gave it a shot. Huge difference in quality! This set is amazing, the roller well crafted, the quartz smooth and rolls well without any scraping noise. Highly recommend.

    The Gua Sha is awesome!

    I really like both of these products, but the Gua Sha is my favorite. I use the roller in the morning to help reduce puffiness, and I use the Gua Sha at night for essentially a face massage. I found that the Gua Sha really helped release my sinuses which is great to help flush out any drainage or congestion. The packaging was luxurious, the price was very reasonable, and the shipping was on time.

    I’m telling everyone I know to purchase this

    I was expecting to receive a cheap tool, which I didn’t mind seeing as I ordered this as a temporary tool to see if I liked it and planned on investing on a higher end one if I saw results. I was impressed by the quality of the metal and the handle that hold it together. I was blessed with a double chin that runs in my family (even for the skinny people) and this has reduced it dramatically. I’ve only been using it for 2 weeks but I see a difference. I use it every night though, not only 3 times as per the instructions. I also suffer from cystic acne and I’m not sure how but this has improved my texture and reduced my breakouts. I use the roller on my face after applying my acne gel at night (before moisturizer). I use the gua sha tool after applying moisturizer to my face and neck. I can’t recommend this enough.

    Katelyn Rose Miller
    Great customer service

    When I received the jade roller it was actually broken. Despite the quality packaging, the handle had broken in half. But as soon as I reached out to the seller they responded very quickly and immediately sent me a new roller without requiring that I return the broken item, which I assume I would have to do. The roller itself is very nice. Works great, stays cool for a long time. You’ve got to imagine that most jade rollers are about the same. What sets this product apart is the quality packaging with specific use and care instructions, and the incredible customer service team that remedies your issue without any hassle.

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