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High Frequency Facial Wand - 4 Electrodes - White

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    • MULTIPLE TREATMENT EFFICACY:: A portable high-frequency facial machine through the glass electrode tube to produce a high-frequency current. Accelerates blood circulation, metabolism to anti-acne treatment, and promotes acne healing. It also helps to reduce wrinkles and tighten skin. Prevent hair loss and stimulate grow new hair.
    • 4 ELECTRODES PREPARED FOR YOU:   4 glass electrodes apply various body parts including a spoon electrode to eliminate acne and treat pimples, a mushroom electrode to treat the forehead and cheek, a bent electrode to treat the nasal fossa and reduce the appearance of acne, and a comb electrode to stimulate hair follicles and diminish hair loss.
    • WARM REMINDER: This instrument generates high-frequency currents through the glass electrode tube. When it is used, the skin will contact the tube to produce a sizzling current. The skin will have a slight current sense and the current is within the safe range. If you are afraid of the current sense, it is recommended to let the electrode tube and skin contact before opening, and then turn on the wand, which can reduce the sense of current.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Amanda Castillo
    Freaking Amazing!!

    This. Is. Freaking.Amazing!!! I dont know how i just found out about this...I love this and its my new favorite facial gadget!!

    Stephanie H.
    Good for Acne

    This is a great skincare device! I’ve noticed that when I get a cystic bump if I use this several times a day on it, the cyst goes down much quicker and doesn’t turn into a long drawn out affair as they often do. Not sure yet whether stimulating hair growth or effective on cellulite.

    Got my dream skin

    I purchased this upon recommendation after watching a vid by an Esthetician YouTuber. Total game changer.Before, when I got a pimple (usually just 1, lg, painful, and in THE most conspicuous place it cld possibly setup on my face) I just had to try to cover it up, pop it, dry it, etc.. all waste of time or leaving a mark.Now, I can go over my face with the anti-acne wand and viola! two days done with no mark. This model is more like "intro to high freq" or like, "high-frqcy 101". I am going to upgrade to an even better unit because I have now started to use it on other problem areas as well (underarms, bikini area, toenails) with MUCH happy success. Love it! Will come back and add pictures when I can.


    Buy this. This is exactly the same as the $60-$100 high frequency machines.

    Zuleica Grullon
    It works

    I used this machine 3x a week and I can honestly say, I saw a difference after the very first use. My pimples were less irritated right after the first pass. I read really good things about this product. It works!

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