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Rechargeable Pedicure Kit

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  • Whole-body waterproof electronic foot scrubber 
  • 1 A Battery (included)
  • FAST & RECHARGEABLE PRO FOOT CARE CALLUS REMOVER SET Efficient foot pedicure tool, simply recharge the battery of cordless electric Pedi feet care perfect foot file with the provided adapter charging for 8 hours. 600mAh Li-ion battery can be used for up to 45 minutes
  • Product Dimensions: 6.69 x 3.94 x 1.97 inches
  • 9.88 Ounces
  • USE WET/DRY:  Effectively protects your foot health
  • POWERFUL, SAFE, and FAST:  About 2900 turns of power; separates the dead skin easily with a choice of a rougher or smoother roller 
  • AUTOMATED PROTECTION: If the pressure is too strong, it will automatically stop
  • SOLVE EMBARRASSING FOOT PROBLEMS:  Buff away dead skin to bring your beautiful feet without foot SPA; ideal for men & women who looking for safe and professional at-home foot pedicure
  • All materials are eco-friendly and meet 100 percent natural standards, paraben-free and cruelty-free


Get a home pedicure whenever and wherever. Electric Foot Callus Removers will make your feet look clean, healthy, and attractive. Be confident in sandals or flip-flops. Show off your soft and smooth feet! Use - Wet & Dry Use - IPX7 Waterproof, a simple design without screws and dusty, Pritech electronic foot kit can adapt to a wet or dry foot. You can enjoy the luxury of a personal pedicure in your shower or bathtub. Remove the calluses quickly, so you save time and effort. 

√ With diamond crystals, √ Easy-to-use Electric foot file √ Soft-touch handle √ Rechargeable – No Batteries Necessary 

Step 1: Select the appropriate roller. Insert the roller into the device, making sure it is fully engaged, and press Start. If your foot has hard or thick calluses, do not soak your feet before using. This will make it impossible for the hard skin to be effectively removed. For good results, your feet should be clean and dry. 

Step 2: Remove dead skin and calluses gently rubbing your foot. Switch between two gears to control speed. For safe use, the callus remover is equipped with an overload protection switch. When the resistance prevents the roller from rotating for more than 3 seconds, the callus remover will automatically shut down. At this time, switch off then switch on to resume normal use. 

Step 3: Apply foot cream then wipe your feet with a dry cloth or clean the dead skin, Apply moisturizing cream, massage your feet slowly. When the power is off, the roller head will be covered with dead skin, brush away the waste and rinse and Enjoy!

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