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Aromatherapy Shower Steamers - 16 Bombs

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    • All-Natural Blend: Blended with natural essential oils, shea butter, and bath salts to moisturize your skin. Similar to fizzy bath bombs, shower tablets contain citric acid, essential oils, and sodium bicarbonate. All of which dissolve quickly, are gentle on sensitive skin, and are plumbing and septic tank safe
    • Home Spa Treatment: Simply place a shower tablet on the floor, then moisten it with the running shower water to activate the tablet and the essential oils infuse with the steam naturally for a steamy scented shower
    • Stress Relief: The shower tablets are scented with different essential oils for a myriad of benefits that can help to relieve stress and lift your spirits after a long day of work, providing a more relaxing and reinvigorating shower experience
    • 5 Sensual Scents: Each 16-tablet set comes with 5 Sensual Scents. Choose from an all-star selection of enchanting fragrances Eucalyptus, Lavender + Rose, Sweet Orange + Bergamot, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus + Peppermint

    Customer Reviews

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    Wonderful scented shower bombs

    I love these shower bombs! They have a nice scent, and last for a decent amount of time, as long as they are not in a direct stream of water. I have a small 3x3 shower, and the scent was nice, but not overpowering. It made my bathroom and bedroom smell great as well. I included a picture of a size comparison against a chapstick. I used one of the purple ones, and it didn’t stain my tiles. I will probably put it on a plastic soap dish in the future, to make it so I can remove it from the shower easier.

    Cassandra Roberts
    Something Special

    I was on the fence about purchasing these, but ended up buying them for a Valentine's gift to myself after seeing them in a Buzzfeed article. I wouldn't say they are life changing, but are bath bombs really ever? As a dedicated shower-er the only thing I miss about taking baths is all of the fancy accoutrements that go along with it. This is a great solution - I can feel a little snazzy and do ~self care~ while standing up!I am also not someone who spends too long in the shower, so these last me more than one, which stretches your investment. (Considering the bombs cost $1.25 each when I purchased them, this was not originally a concern, but a nice perk) I was able to give a few away to friends as well, because 16 is quite a few shower bombs for someone whose *luxurious* showers are few and far between.Finally, considering that I was not using an entire bomb per shower, I was worried that leaving it on the shower floor overnight could result in staining, but as others have said, this has not been a problem for me. I also have not had an issue storing them in my shower (pictured above). I did unwrap each bomb for easier access and they have stayed quite nicely in my airtight jar. (https://www..com/gp/product/B07KS18WTX/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1)Overall, I might make this purchase again when I do run out, but that might be further in the future than expected.

    Alka Dighe

    I had reservations when I bought this but after first use ( I used the eucalyptus ) I felt so good that I knew I made the right choice. I get up congested in the mornings and with use of this in shower I feel good and ready for the day. I would certainly recommend this to friends, and of course I will buy it again

    K. Cunningham
    Great Value and Makes Perfect Spa Gifts!!

    This lovely gift box contains 16 beautifully scented, individually wrapped shower bomb tablets. Having them each wrapped keeps the variety of scents from mixing with each other but you can also combine a few tablets as a cute personal gift for a special someone. Give them AND yourself a little spa experience. Relax, Unwind. Each tablet is labeled with the scent. BONUS I didn't expect each scented shower bomb lasts for than one shower!

    M. Vogeler
    Good, not great shower steamers.

    I got these for my wife and they are fine, but not the best she's had. The scents aren't as strong as some of the other steamers she has used, which may be a good thing for some people, just not for her. The actual scents aren't her favorite either, but again, that's one beautiful woman's opinion. All in all this is a good value for how many steamers you get for the price.

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