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Silver Desk Lamp

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    • ENHANCED LIGHTING CONTROL: The energy-efficient Luxe LED Lamp offers three lighting modes and six levels of brightness, all controlled by a touch panel at the base. That's 18 unique settings to get the perfect soft or bright lights
    • RECHARGEABLE, FULLY ADJUSTABLE: This uniquely portable/cordless light charges via a micro USB cable and offers up to 40 hours of continuous run time. It can also rotate, twist, and bend up to 360 degrees for maximum light exposure. Please note that just the charger that came in the box can be used for the Lamp
    • ELEGANT, MODERN DESIGN: Use it on a nightstand, dresser, in the garage, on a workbench, on your work desk
    • REDUCES EYE STRAIN: Natural LED lighting is free of glare, produces little heat, doesn't emit UV, are free of eye-damaging blue light, and is fully adjustable; all to help reduce eye strain while reading, working, or studying
    • EXTREME QUALITY AND DURABILITY: The lamp is made of high-grade aluminum, and the bar is made of soft rubber-like material and is water-resistant. The LED panel will last over 50,000 hrs (no splash screen, not dazzling). Comes with 28 LEDs and a built-in 2000 mAh high-quality Li-Polymer battery, which supports up to 3 - 40 hours runtime in 3 hours of continuous charging (charging cable included). And 1-meter fall protection ensures the lamp can sustain small drops and bumps


    We love this lamp because no matter where you might be in the world, good light is important to keeping you on task, having fun, or working hard when the lights go down. 

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