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Wine & Champagne Bottle Holder

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    • KEEPS CHILLED WINE COLDER FOR HOURS - This wine bottle holder features double-walled construction that insulates chilled bottles, drastically reducing heat transfer and keeping them colder much longer than if they were sitting at room temperature
    • CHILL & FILL - Perfectly sized for standard wine bottles or champagne, this wine chiller has plenty of room for ice to keep wine at the perfect temperature For maximum insulation, chill the bottle cooler tumbler in the fridge before filling with ice
    • DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL - Made of stainless steel with a timeless polished finish that complements any table or bar area
    • SLEEK MODERN LOOK - The minimalist design of this tabletop wine chiller gives it a stylish look and low profile for easy storage. Less bulky than traditional ice buckets, this single-bottle wine chiller carafe is ideal for the modern home


    Our stainless steel convex wine bottle chiller and champagne chiller is both sleek and smooth, making them durable and extremely resistant piece of barware for your home. Its vintage aesthetic is a museum-worthy panache that's as close to art as you can get. In addition to its elegant shape, our personal bottle chiller acts as an insulated wine cooler too. With a double-walled lining to boot, the thickness and insulation are an important part of keeping your wine cold and fresh tasting for an extended period of time. Convex and angled to perfection, our stainless steel wine chiller is crafted to make your wine bottles look as good as they taste. The innovative contour design doesn't stop our wine chiller from fitting your regular wine and champagne bottles.

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