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Dead Sea Bath & Foot Soak - 15lbs

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    • 100% Pure & Unscented - Absolutely no additives, fillers, or artificial fragrances.
    • Fast Dissolving - Thin magnesium flakes dissolve quickly in warm water.
    • Promotes Relaxation - Magnesium helps to soothe sore and tired muscles.
    • Harvested from the Dead Sea - Imported from the Dead Sea in Israel, a salt lake that people have visited for centuries.
    • Spa Experience at Home - Relax in the comfort of your own home.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Pain relief

    Wonderful pain relief.

    Johnny A
    I love this product! It's amazing! Yareli home run!

    I love the mud at the Dead Sea! Usually though that's a very expensive maintenance item. Yareli provides affordability of the healing properties from this majestic ecosystem to the average schmo. When I first open the product I could see immediately the quality of the salt with it's bright white color which in my mind represents the potency of the salt minerals since everyday epsom salt usually appears more crystal-like to me. I believe this is the case but either way the end result is a smile on my face and ultimately that is the goal! 100% certain to buy again! Thank you! Trying the Yareli soap next!

    Aquaquality Pools Spas, Inc

    It works great for my foot pain. A must-have in my salt arsenal. It's a big and heavy 15 LB. bag of Dead Sea salt that is cheap per pound. I add it first to the footbath then I add another sented epson salt. It's working for me.

    Takiyah Ariyibi

    All I need is just a little bit!!! I bought two bags and use them for my girls and myself. During this pandemic these dead sea salts are coming clutch!!! They came in super early as well. Great customer service.

    Excellent quality

    I make magnesium oil out of these flakes by adding pure water to them. Then, after each meal, I put one or two drops of magnesium oil on my body as a way to take in magnesium that has been otherwise difficult for me to get in my diet. But, there is a catch. When I would put magnesium oil on my body in the same spot each day, it would burn. So, I learned to rotate the spots on my body where I would apply the magnesium oil. I also found that if I allowed 36+ hours between applications on the same spot, then it wouldn't burn.The spots that I find work the best are the back of my hands, my wrists, the back of my knees and the tops of my feet. I usually do one or two spots after each meal, as long as I've had enough raw vitamin A in that meal. But, not just any old vitamin A. It has to be vitamin A found in raw butter, raw egg yolks, raw cream or raw beef liver. Those are the only vitamin A sources that would work to uptake the magnesium in my body. Otherwise, my glaucoma would act up because of the excess free-floating magnesium in my body. Same with when I eat cheese. The calcium in the cheese will burn my eyes if I don't have enough raw vitamin A in the same meal.

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